Sarah Murphy

Convenor of the College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences
My name is Sarah Murphy and I am currently a second year medical student. I was elected class rep for the past two years, pre-med and first med, so I am familiar with all the trials and tribulations you may face if you too are a class rep and I would be happy to offer any advice. Last year I was PRO on the Healthcare Society which is one of the main reasons I decided to run for Convenor of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. This year I am the Pre-Clinical Officer on Med Soc as well as the art director on Sláinte Soc. I am extremely excited to get involved with the Students’ Union this year and I would love to hear any ideas/ suggestions you may have in relation to changes or improvements in your own course!


Each of the 5 College Convenors act as chairperson for their College Class Representatives Council. They represent their Colleges Class Reps and students on the Executive Committee. They work with the SU Council Chairperson to make sure every class has a Class Representative.  


Moblie/Fón Póca: 087 246 3624