Fiachra Mac Suibhne

Convenor of the College of Business, Public Policy & Law
Hi folks, my name is Fiachra and I’m the Convenor of Business, Public Policy and Law for the upcoming year. I’ve been class rep for the past 2 years and really enjoyed it. I’m a very laid back and sociable person and I just really like talking to people. I ran for Convenor because I genuinely really care about making student’s lives easier, so if you have any problems, questions, issues or just want someone to chat to please get in contact with me, whichever way is easiest for you xx.


Each of the 5 College Convenors act as chairperson for their College Class Representatives Council. They represent their Colleges Class Reps and students on the Executive Committee. They work with the SU Council Chairperson to make sure every class has a Class Representative.  


Mobile: 085 703 6220