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NUI Galway Student Project Fund Applications Open

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Applications are invited for funding from the Student Project Fund for projects beginning in September 2017.

In order to be considered for funding the project must support the strategic priorities identified in the Student Project Fund Strategic Priority Document and must fall into any one, or a combination, of the following categories:

  • Service
  • Web-based development
  • Equipment
  • Building.
  • Research

Proposals may be made by individual people / groups / groups in collaboration. Projects involving collaborations / partnerships are encouraged.

A project must cost a minimum of €5,000 to be eligible for consideration. It is expected that the applicant(s) should be in a position to supply some level of other funding towards the project, i.e. the Student Project Fund will not supply 100% of the cost of the Project. The value of any existing personnel input may be identified as a funding contribution.

The time-frame for a project may be up to a maximum of 3 years. Project reports are required annually during the period of the Project and a satisfactory annual evaluation by the Sub – Committee in order to progress to the next year of any funding allocated.

Applications must be typed, using this Application Form: Students Project Fund Application FormMay17 The information supplied within the scope of the Application Form will form the principal basis for the assessment of the funding merits of the project. The number of projects funded in any year depends on the merits of the proposed projects and the amount of funding available. The applicant may be invited to a meeting of the Student Project Fund Sub-Committee to provide any necessary additional briefing. Failure to fulfil any of these requirements may entail the loss of the funding award. The Student Project Fund Sub-Committee also reserves the right to re-claim the funding should the project proposed not take place as described in the application form.

Each project proposal must name a project organiser who will liaise with the Director of Student Services in all matters relating to the project. The project organiser is responsible for:

  • Monitoring the project’s budget and requesting reimbursements from Student Services
  • Implementing the project
  • Ensuring that the project is completed in accordance with the themes identified in the Student Project Funds Strategic Priority document and relevant university policies
  • Reporting to the Sub-Committee on project progress

Successful project recipients are required to sign an acceptance letter outlining the conditions for use of Student Project Fund monies and to sign their agreement to the conditions outlined.

Applications should be submitted to:

Siobhán Cunningham, Student Services

email: .

The closing date for receipt of applications is 5.00pm on Thursday 11th May, 2017

Please note that meetings will be scheduled with Project Leaders for a time on either 16th or 17th May 2017.


Return your locker key by Tues 16th May!

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Return your locker key!

Just a quick reminder that your locker must be cleared out before 5pm on Tuesday 16th May 2017.

We have over 3,200 lockers so we can’t “mind” your property until you get back from your holidays. Everything will be dumped, recycled or donated to charity. All keys must be dropped up to the Students’ Union Office in Áras na Mac Léinn.

Lockers will be available to purchase on our website from 10am on Monday 28th August 2017 for the 2017/18 term.

NUIG Easter Holiday Arrangements

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Easter Holiday Arrangements

The SU Office will close at 5pm on Wednesday 12th of April and will reopen at 10am on Wednesday 19th of April.

The SU Cloakroom will close at 5pm on Friday 7th of April and will reopen at 9am on Friday 28th of April.

The SU Engineering Desk will close at 2pm on Friday 7th of April and will reopen at 11am on Monday 24th of April.

The Library will be open Friday 14th April 10am-6pm, closed on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th April and open Monday 17th April 10am-6pm.

The Reading Room will be open as usual.

The Student Health Unit will close at 4.30pm on Wednesday 12th of April and will reopen at 9.15am on Wednesday 19th of April.

The Academic Writing Centre is now closed until October.

SUMS will be closed Monday April 10th-Friday 21st April

Sult will be closed from Thursday 13th April and will reopen at 8.30am on Tuesday 18th April.

The SU Shop will be closed from Friday 14th April and will reopen on Tuesday 18th April.

Smokey’s Café will be closed from Friday 14th April and will reopen on Tuesday 18th April.

The Wall Café will be open 9am-3pm Friday 14th & Saturday 15th April. Closed Sunday 16th April. Open 11am-3pm Bank Holiday Monday 17th April.

Caife na Gaeilge will be closed from Friday 7th April and will reopen on Tuesday 18th April.

Ability Awareness Day

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Ability Awareness Day

You are invited to an Ability Awareness Day 4.30pm-7pm Wednesday 29th of March 2017 in The Cube Áras na Mac Léinn NUI Galway hosted by the NUIG SU Equaliteam in collaboration with Special Heroes Ireland.

This will be an evening of talks on various issues: The CRPD (Convention of Rights for People with Disabilities) and why Ireland needs to ratify it now, Deaf Education, and access to education for those with disabilities.

The event will also include a session for open discussion with participants, on what we can all do to raise awareness for disability rights.

All are welcome and refreshments will be served.

For more information contact Megan on

#NUIGSU17 Election Results Postgrad & Clubs

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#NUIGSU17 Final Part Time Officers Election result:

Postgraduate Officer: Colm Duffy Elected
Total Poll 37
Spoils 0
Total Valid Poll 37
Quota 20
Duffy 29
Ó Curraoin 5

Clubs’ Captain: Conor Ó Beoláin Elected
Total Poll 14
Spoils 0
Total Valid Poll 14
Ó Beoláin 12

The newly elected officers will all take up office on the 1st of July 2017. The current officers are still working for you until the 30th of June so give them a shout if you need anything.

NUI Galway Climate Congress – Divestment and Sustainable Choices

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NUI Galway Climate Congress – Divestment and Sustainable Choices

Tuesday 21st of March 2017

Join us for NUI Galway’s third annual Climate Congress – sponsored by Trócaire and organized by the CCAFS Society (Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security). This year’s theme focuses on efforts towards divestment from fossil fuels and sustainable investment at both local and national levels.

This year’s speakers include:

-Thomas Pringle T.D. Creator of Irelands National Divestment Bill

-Ian Halstead of L&P Investments (Dublin)

-Nuala Haughey of Think-Tank for Action on Social Change

-Cliona Sharkley of Trócaire

There will also be a participatory working group to discuss strategies for overcoming barriers to political engagement in the context of climate change from 14:00-17:00 If you wish to attend this, please select both general admission and workshop tickets below (note that in the interest of time efficiency this working group will be capped at a maximum of 25 participants).

FREE Event

Tickets available at this link

St Patrick’s Day Holiday Arrangements

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Saint Patrick’s Day Bank Holiday

The following will be closed on Saint Patrick’s Day Friday 17th of March:

The SU Office, the Library, the Academic Writing Centre, the SU Cloakroom, the SU Engineering Desk, the SU Shop, the Student Health Unit, Sult, Caife na Gaeilge, and Smokey’s Café.

The Wall Café will be open with reduced hours 11:00-15:00. The Reading Room will be open as usual.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!

NUI Galway commits to Fossil Fuel Divestment

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NUI Galway commits to Fossil Fuel Divestment

On Tuesday the 28th of February, students from the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Society of NUI Galway were informed that their campaign had been a success. NUI Galway has officially committed to divest from fossil fuel shares by the end of 2017.

The CCAFS society had submitted a petition of over 1,000 signatures, and a report highlighting the case for divestment of the €3.4 million worth of shares that NUI Galway has invested in companies such as Gazprom and Statoil in late November. This report was welcomed by University President, Dr James Browne, who highlighted divestment of fossil fuel shares is in line with the values held by NUI Galway with regards to sustainability.

Colm Duffy, Auditor of the CCAFS Society, Director of the Fossil Free Campaign and Students’ Union Postgraduate Officer was pleased with the results so far: “It is with no small measure of delight that we announce NUI Galway’s commitment to divestment. We are extremely happy with the result and the support from Dr Browne. We are glad that this campaign has come to a conclusion, and we look forward to assisting NUI Galway in the formation of its Ethical Investment Policy”.

Students’ Union President, Jimmy McGovern, who has worked closely with the CCAFS society, added: “NUI Galway’s decision to completely divest from fossil fuels shows leadership in the right direction. This proposal began through student activism and is a prime example of why we must empower students, the future of our society, by giving them a platform to have influence and input in our University’s developments. NUI Galway has given its students that platform in this instance and we applaud them for that.”

Speaking of the University’s significant commitment to fossil fuel divestment, NUI Galway President Dr James Browne, said: “This is an important development and I am delighted that NUI Galway has taken a leadership position nationally in promoting such an ethical investment policy, including fossil fuel divestment.  I’d like to commend the students involved in CCAFS and the Students’ Union leadership who have highlighted an important global issue that impacts on climate change, social equity and a range of important ethical issues today.   Their actions and advocacy demonstrate their commitment as global citizens who will shape our planet’s future. “

Should you be interested in finding out more about divestment at a local and national level, NUI Galway will be hosting the 3rd annual Climate Congress on Divestment and Sustainable Investment on Tuesday the 21st of March. Details for the Congress can be found below.

Pictured are (left to right): Jimmy McGovern (NUI Galway Students’ Union President); Hazel Wolstenholme (CCAFS); Dr James Browne (NUI Galway President); Colm Duffy Auditor CCAFS & NUIG Students’ Union Postgraduate Officer); Aoife Kervic (CCAFS); & Brendan Hallahan (CCAFS).


Event page:


SU Part Time Officer Election Results #NUIGSU17

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NUI Galway Students’ Union Part Time Officer Election Results #NUIGSU17

Oifigeach na Gaeilge: Cónall Ó Corra Elected

Total Poll 794

Spoils 29

Total Valid Poll 765

Quota 383

Ó Corra 683

RON 82


Equality Officer: Clare Austick Elected

First Count:

Total Poll 812

Spoils 24

Total Valid Poll 787
Quota 394

Austick 265

Feeney 158

Hamid 213

Nolan 140

RON 11

RON & Nolan eliminated


Second Count:

Equality 2nd count

Non-transferable 81

Austick 295

Feeney 179

Hamid 232

Feeney eliminated.


Third Count:

Austick 369

Hamid 284

53 non-transferable


Societies Chairperson: Ruth Sweeney Elected

Total Valid Poll 43

Quota 22

Gallagher 7

Sweeney 33



Matures Students Officer: Eugene O’Flaherty Elected

First count:

Total Poll 787

Spoils 58

Total Valid Poll 729

Quota 365

Cunningham 330

O’ Flaherty 362

RON 37
RON eliminated


Second count:

32 Non Transferable

Cunningham 333

O’Flaherty 364


Convenor of the College of Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies: Sabrina Vaughan Elected

Total Poll 289

Spoils 4

Total Valid Poll 285

Quota 143

Vaughan 269

RON 16


Convenor of the College of Science: Sean Guinan Elected

Total Poll 177

Spoils 2

Total Valid Poll 175

Quota 88

Guinan 157

Ron 18


Convenor of the College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences: Sarah Murphy Elected

Total Poll 115

Spoils 0

Total Valid Poll 115

Quota 58

Murphy 112

Ron 3


Convenor of the College of Engineering & Informatics: Christopher D’Arcy-Morkan Elected

Total Poll 95

Spoils 2

Total Valid Poll 93

Quota 47

Darcy-Morkan 83

Ron 10


Convenor of the College of Business, Public Policy & Law: Fiachra Mac Suibhne Elected

Total Poll 100

Spoils 0

Total Valid Poll 100

Quota 51

MacSuibhne 87

RON 13

NUIG SU Election & Referendum Result 2017

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#NUIGSU17 Election & Referendum Results

President Election Result: Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh Deemed Elected

1st Round:

FINN, Eoghan 624

GAFFNEY, Niall 421

MORAN, Cillian 48

Ó CURRAOIN, Diarmuid 403


RYAN, Cat 353

RON 18

Total: 3,450

Spoils: 10

Total Valid Poll: 3,440

Quota: 1,721


2nd Round:

FINN, Eoghan 630

GAFFNEY, Niall 428

Ó CURRAOIN, Diarmuid 408



3rd Round:

FINN, Eoghan 693

GAFFNEY, Niall 473

Ó CURRAOIN, Diarmuid 474



4th Round:

FINN, Eoghan 836

Ó CURRAOIN, Diarmaid 570



Vice-President/Education Officer Election Result: Andrew Forde Deemed Elected

FORDE, Andrew 1,632

MacCHONCARRAIGE, Ciarán 1,495

Total: 3,242

Spoils: 40

Total Valid Poll: 3,202

Quota: 1,602


Vice-President/Welfare Officer Election Result: Megan Reilly Deemed Elected

1st Round:

MURRAY, Sharon 968

REILLY, Megan 1,650

TIERNEY, Rebecca 537

Total: 3,259

Spoils: 57

Total Valid Poll: 3,202

Quota: 1,602

RON: 47


Referendum Result Reunification: The Referendum has passed

That NUI Galway Students’ Union supports the reunification of the island of Ireland and calls on the State to hold a national referendum on the question of such reunification.”

Yes: 2,337
No: 814
Total Poll: 3,231
Spoils: 80
Total Valid Poll: 3,151

Students’ Union Council Chairperson Election Result: Emily McNamara Deemed Elected

Total: 103

Spoils: 1

Total Valid Poll: 102

Quota: 52

McNamara, Emily: 63

Taylor, Michael: 39

RON: 0