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#NUIGSU18 Part Time Officer Election and Referendum Results

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#NUIGSU18 Part Time Officer Election and Referendum Results 13th April 2018

Oifigeach na Gaeilge Election Result: Adhna Nic Dhonnchadha Deemed Elected

Total Poll 1,144

Spoils 95

Total Valid Poll 1,049

Quota 526

Níc Amaill, Gráinne 227

Nic Dhonnchadha, Adhna 783

RON 36


Societies’ Chairperson Election Result: Brandon Walsh Deemed Elected

Total Poll 41

Spoils 0

Total Valid Poll 41

Quota 21

Kelly, Chris 11

Ruane, Sinéad 6

Walsh, Brandon 23



Clubs’ Captain Election Result: Ryan Guilfoyle Deemed Elected

Total Poll 4

Spoils 0

Total Valid Poll 4

Quota 3

Guilfoyle, Ryan 4



Postgraduate Taught Officer Result: Cameron Keighron Deemed Elected

Total Poll 100

Spoils 17

Total Valid Poll 83

Quota 42

Grimes, Lorraine 19

Keighron, Cameron 60



Postgraduate Research Officer Result: Jibran Abbasi Deemed Elected

Total Poll 99

Spoils 10

Total Valid Poll 89

Quota 46

First Count

Abbasi, Jibran 43

Monahan, David 37


Second Count

Abbasi, Jibran 43

Monahan, David 41

Non Transferable 5


Convenor of the College of Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies Result: Rían McKeagney Deemed Elected

Total Poll 365

Spoils 18

Total Valid Poll 347

Quota 176

Breslin, Joshua 53

Jordan, Ethan 20

McKeagney, Rían 198

O’Neill, Callum 65

RON 11


Convenor of the College of Science Result: Scott Green Deemed Elected

Total Poll 287

Spoils 6

Total Valid Poll 281

Quota 141

Green, Scott 175

Hurley, Patrick 104



Convenor of the College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences Result: Liezel Ravenscroft Deemed Elected

Total Poll 207

Spoils 2

Total Valid Poll 205

Quota 104

Ravenscroft, Liezel 121

Rufai, Gertrude 84



Convenor of the College of Engineering & Informatics Result: Roshan George Deemed Elected

Total Poll 151

Spoils 2

Total Valid Poll 149

Quota 76

George, Roshan 76

Murphy, Nicola 58

Walker, Eoin 13



Convenor of the College of Business, Public Policy & Law Result: Clodagh McGivern Deemed Elected

Total Poll 144

Spoils 2

Total Valid Poll 142

Quota 71

First Count

McGivern, Clodagh 68

Murphy, Ciara 58

RON 14

Non Transferable 4

Second Count

McGivern, Clodagh 70

Murphy, Ciara 59

Non Transferable 15


Mature Students’ Officer Result: Chuka Paul Oguekwe Deemed Elected

Total Poll 1,132

Spoils 95

Total Valid Poll 1,037

Quota 519

Oguekwe, Chuka Paul 609

Ó Rúairc, Brían 391

RON 37


International Students Officer Result: Daniel McFadden Deemed Elected

Total Poll 1,135

Spoils 87

Total Valid Poll 1,048

Quota 525

Hillerkuß, Ulrike 476

McFadden, Daniel 544

RON 28


Gender and LGBT+ Rights Officer Result: Alex Coughlan Deemed Elected

Total Poll 1,157

Spoils 79

Total Valid Poll 1,078

Quota 540

Coughlan, Alex 775

Dowd, Sorcha 248

RON 55


Disability Rights Officer Result: Muireann O’Sullivan Deemed Elected

Total Poll 1,154

Spoils 63

Total Valid Poll 1.091

Quota 546

First Count

Brogan, Megan 326

Connolly, Saoirse 310

O’Sullivan, Muireann 430

RON 25

Second Count

Brogan, Megan 327

Connolly, Saoirse 311

O’Sullivan, Muireann 432

Non Transferable 21

Third Count

Brogan, Megan 427

O’Sullivan, Muireann 535

Non Transferable 129


Referendum on the Creation of the Position of Ethnic Minorities Officer

Result: Referendum PASSED

Total Poll 1,161

Spoils 53

Total Valid Poll 1,108

YES 882 (80%)

NO 226 (20%)

The new officers will take up their positions on the 1st of July 2018.

There will be an election to fill the new Ethnic Minorities Officer Position at the start of the 2018/19 Academic Year. 


Notice of Referendum

News & Events

Notice of Referendum Thursday 12 April 2018

Fógra maidir le Reifrinn Déardaoin, an 12 Aibreán 2018

On Thursday 12th April you will be asked to vote in a referendum on whether or not you support the creation of the positon of Ethnic Minorities Officer.

The wording which will appear on the ballot paper, requiring a Yes / No answer, will be:

Do you agree with referendum motion proposed by the SU Council on 5th March 2018 to create the position of Ethnic Minorities Officer?

If passed, a new part-time officer position of Ethnic Minorities Officer will be created.

Déardaoin, an 12 Aibreán, iarrfar ort vótáil i reifreann ar cibé acu a thacaíonn nó nach dtacaíonn tú le cruthú Oifigeach na Mionlach Eitneach.

Is mar seo a leanas a chuirfear an cheist ort ar an bpáipéar ballóide, agus beidh ortsa freagra Tá / Níl a thabhairt uirthi:

An bhfuil tú ag toiliú leis an rún reifrinn a mhol Comhairle Chomhaltas na Mac Léinn an 5 Márta 2018 le hOifigeach na Mionlach Eitneach a chruthú?

Má éiríonn leis an reifreann, cruthófar post d’oifigeach páirtaimseartha nua dar teideal Oifigeach na Mionlach Eitneach.

Polling will take place in the following locations – please bring your NUIG ID to vote:

An Bialann 10am-6pm

Áras na Mac Léinn 11am-8pm

Engineering Building 12pm-3.30pm

Friars Café 1pm-4pm

Online via Remote Vote on SU Website 10am-8pm (Deadline to register for Remote Vote midnight Weds 11th April)

NUI Galway Easter Holidays 2018

News & Events

NUI Galway Easter Holiday Arrangements 2018

  • Teaching ends on Sat 24th of March for the Easter Holidays and teaching resumes Mon 9th April.
  • Field Trips (where applicable) take place Mon 26th March – Thurs 29th March.
  • The Students’ Union Office will close at 5pm on Weds 28th March and will reopen at 10am on Weds 4th April. Opening hours 10am-12.30pm & 2pm-4.30pm 4th, 5th & 6th April.
  • The Students’ Union Engineering Desk will close at 3pm on Fri 23rd March and reopen at 11am on Mon 9th April.
  • The Students’ Union Cloakroom will close at 6pm on Fri 23rd March and reopen at 9am on Thurs 12th April.
  • The Students’ Union Shop will be closed Fri 30th March-Mon 2nd April inclusive and will re-open Tues 3rd April.
  • Sult will be closed from Fri 30th March and will re-open on Tues 3rd April.
  • Caifé na Gaeilge will close on Fri 23rd March and will re-open Mon 9th April.
  • Smokey’s Café will be closed Fri 30th March-Mon 2nd April inclusive and will re-open Tues 3rd April
  • The Wall Café will be open 9am-3pm on Fri 30th March & Sat 31st March. Closed Sun 1st April and open 11am-3pm Mon 2nd April.
  • The James Hardiman Library will be closed Fri 30th March to Mon 2nd April inclusive.
  • The Reading Room will be open as usual.
  • The Student Health Unit will be closed Thurs 29th March to Tues 3rd April inclusive. They will re-open at 9.15am on Weds 4th April.
  • SUMS will be closed from Monday 26th March until Friday 6th April.
  • Sin Newspaper will be back with a new issue on Tues 10th April.
  • Flirt FM Mon 26th March- Fri 30th March On Air 11.30am-4am (Office open 11am-6pm), Sat 31st March-Sun 8th April Spring Break (Studios bookable on request), Mon 9th April-Fri 20th April On Air 11.30am-4am Weekdays (Office open 11am-6pm)
  • Computer Suites will be open 09:00-18:00 Sun 1st & Mon 2nd April. For more details check HERE

NUIG St. Patrick’s Day Bank Holiday Arrangements 2018

News & Events

NUI Galway St. Patrick’s Day Bank Holiday Arrangements 2018

  • Monday 19th of March is a Bank Holiday so there are no lectures.
  • The Students’ Union Office will CLOSE at 5pm on Fri 16th March and will reopen at 10am on Tues 20th March.
  • The Students’ Union Engineering Desk will CLOSE at 3pm on Fri 16th of March and reopen at 11am on Tues 20th March.
  • The Students’ Union Shop Sat 17th March 10am-4pm, CLOSED Sun 18th & Mon 19th March.
  • Sult will be CLOSED Sat 17th, Sun 18th & Mon 19th March. Reopening 8.30am Tues 20th March.
  • Caifé na Gaeilge CLOSED Sat 17th, Sun 18th and Mon 19th March.
  • Smokey’s Café Sat 17th March 9am-5pm, Sun 18th March 11am-4pm, CLOSED Mon 19th March
  • The Wall Café Sat 17th March 9am-3pm, Sun 18th & Mon 19th March 11am-3pm
  • The James Hardiman Library will be CLOSED on Mon 19th March.
  • The Reading Room will be open as usual.
  • The Student Health Unit will be CLOSED on Mon 19th March.
  • Sin Newspaper will be back with a new issue on Weds 21st of March.
  • For details about Computer Suite Access check HERE

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!

#NUIGSU18 Election Results

News & Events

#NUIGSU18 Election Results 9th March 2018

President Election Result: Megan Reilly Deemed Elected

1st Round:

Mac Suibhne, Fiachra 596

Molony, John 618

Ravichandran, Aswin 214

Reilly, Megan 1,606

RON: 15

Total: 3,063

Spoils: 14

Total Valid Poll: 3,049

Quota: 1,525

Vice-President / Education Officer Election Result: Louis Courtney Deemed Elected

1st Round:

Courtney, Louis 1,560

Koennecker, Stephanie 244

O’Shaughnessy, Cian 1,133

Total: 3,031

Spoils: 34

Total Valid Poll: 2,997

Quota: 1,499

RON: 60

Vice President / Welfare and Equality Officer Election Result: Clare Austick Deemed Elected

1st Round:

Austick, Clare 1,328

Fallon, Aisling 512

Feeney, Georgia 901

O’Connell, Coleman 212

Total: 3,008

Spoils: 33

Total Valid Poll: 2,975

Quota: 1,488

RON: 22

O’Connell and RON Eliminated

 2nd Round:

Austick, Clare 1,383

Fallon, Aisling 557

Feeney, Georgia 966

Fallon Eliminated

3rd Round:

Austick, Clare 1,645

Feeney, Georgia 1,163



#NUIGSU18 SU Council Chair Election Results + USI Elections

News & Events

Students’ Union Council Chairperson Election Monday 5th March 2018

Returning Officer: Andrew Forde


COOKE, Kenneth


GARRISON, Annelise

VAUGHAN, Sabrina

Total Votes Cast: 68

Total Spoiled Votes: 0

Total Valid Votes: 68

Quota: 35

Count 1

COOKE, Kenneth 7

DEVLIN LARSEN, Megan Jane 20

GARRISON, Annelise 10

VAUGHAN, Sabrina 31

COOKE, Kenneth eliminated and second preferences distributed.

Count 2

DEVLIN LARSEN, Megan Jane 21

GARRISON, Annelise 12

VAUGHAN, Sabrina 35







CAHILL, Síona 59



HASSAN, Oisín 61



BYRNES, Michelle 62



DEASY, Aoife 64



ELDER, Jessica 16

MCLEAN, Damien 34

MURTAGH, Niamh 10

SHERLOCK, Rachel 2



CUSACK, Aisling 41

HEVERIN, Anna 22



CLOHESSY, Barry 35

O’DONNELL, Robert 28


NUI Galway Students’ Union Launches 10,000 Step Challenge

News & Events

NUI Galway Students’ Union Launches 10,000 Step Challenge

NUI Galway Students’ Union today launched the Marchathon 10,000 Step Challenge for NUI Galway students and staff. The aim of the event is to encourage staff and students to walk more so that they reach 10,000 steps per day by the end of the challenge on the 23rd of March. Participants have the chance of winning prizes such as action cameras, shopping vouchers and challenge goodie packs from the National Transport Authority just by walking!

The health benefits of walking are huge as it helps tone muscles, strengthen bones, increases metabolism and reduces the risk of high blood pressure. Regular walking can also have a big impact on your mental health as it reduces stress, improves mood and increases self-esteem.

The Students’ Union is also making sure that participants stay safe by staying seen while walking as they have distributed hundreds of free high visibility items from the Road Safety Authority. Participants can still register online for the challenge at

Students’ Union President Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh said: “It’s great to see students and staff coming together as a community for a project like this. Sneaking in a short walk each day can transform your health, body and mind plus it’s free! We are privileged to have some beautiful walks on campus which can easily be enjoyed on a break from study or work.”

Students’ Union Vice President/Education Officer Andrew Forde said: “In the lead up to exams it’s important that students ensure they make time for regular exercise in their schedules. Just 40 minutes of walking three times a week has been shown to protect the brain region associated with planning and memory. The Challenge is a great chance to turn exercise into a daily habit and there’s the added bonus that you can win prizes just by taking part!”

PHOTO: (Left to Right) NUI Galway Students’ Union Officers: Sabrina Vaughan, Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh, Sarah Murphy and Megan Reilly.

Road Safety Day

News & Events

NUI Galway Students’ Union Road Safety Day

Lá na Sábháilteachta ar Bhóithre

Road Safety Authority Interactive Shuttle + Roll-Over Simulator + Bike Clinic

11am-3pm Thursday 22nd of February Áras na Mac Léinn

  • Practice your driving and hazard perception skills on our simulators (car, motorbike, bicycle)
  • Take part in the roll-over simulation which demonstrates how it would feel if you were in a car which turned over in a collision.
  • Practice the driver theory test.
  • Get FREE High Vis stuff.
  • Practice safe cycling skills on our state of the art bicycle simulator
  • See how driving environments and speed affect your braking distances on the brake reaction timer.

NUIG SU Equality Week 2018

News & Events

NUI Galway Students’ Union Equality Week 2018

Seachtain Chomhionannais Chomhaltas na Mac Léinn, OÉ Gaillimh 2018

Monday 19th February/Dé Luain an 19 Feabhra

6pm GiGSoc Book Club Discussing “But I’m a Cheerleader” in the Art Room, Áras na Mac Léinn

7pm Law Society & Fáilte Refugees Society Direct Provision and the Right to Work Panel Discussion in the AC201.

9pm Late & Live for SU Equality Week with Comedy Soc. FREE Comedy, Music, pints and pizza in the Bank of Ireland Theatre (beside Sult)

Tuesday 20th February/Dé Máirt an 20 Feabhra

1.30pm-2.30pm Universal Design for Learning with NUIG Disability Support Services. Panel discussion and group work for lecturers and students on how to make learning materials more accessible to all students. Venue THB-G010 Moore Institute. Sandwiches, tea & coffee provided.

7pm Fáilte Refugees Society Table Quiz in the Roisin Dubh aimed at overcoming myths around refugees and asylum seekers. €5 with reduced Silent Disco entry included.

Wednesday 21st February/Dé Céadaoin an 21 Feabhra

6pm-9pm Impacte Society Movie Night “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” in the Siobhan McKenna Theatre with free pizza, tea and coffee.

6pm-9pm Fáilte Refugees Society “A Taste of Home” Clothes Collection in Teach Solais LGBT Resource Centre.

7pm-9pm GiGSoc Dance, dress up and drag event in IT202 with free pizza and drinks.

9.30pm GiGSoc and Drama Soc Lip Sync Battle in the Bailey Allen Hall.

Thursday 22nd February/Déardaoin an 22 Feabhra

12pm-1pm Official University of Sanctuary Campaign launch in the Siobhan McKenna Theatre. The University of Sanctuary Campaign is an initiative to encourage and celebrate the good practice of Universities welcoming refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants into their communities. The Campaign fosters a culture of welcome and inclusion for all those seeking sanctuary.

3.30pm-6pm Cultural Food Fair in The View and Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 Áras na Mac Léinn

More information from

Tuilleadh eolas ar fáil ó

NUI Galway Students Pledge To Save Energy On Campus

News & Events

NUI Galway Students Pledge To Save Energy On Campus

Galway students told to switch off the lights to save energy and win prizes to combat climate change as part of national campaign

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) in partnership with NUI Galway Students’ Union, NUI Galway, and NUI Galway Green Campus has today launched a major European energy efficiency and energy saving campaign called ‘Student Switch Off’ encouraging students in Galway to save energy and combat climate change. The campaign is supported by the European Union to the sum of  €1.5m over the next 3 years across Europe.

Speaking about the launch, USI President Michael Kerrigan said, “We’re delighted to officially launch the ‘Student Switch Off’ campaign right here in NUI Galway to help students save energy. It’s great to see students taking the lead on issues like climate change and sustainability. The aim of the campaign is simple: save energy, and win prizes like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and open student return tickets from Irish Rail. All students have to do to take part is add the campaign on Snapchat on and take part in the call to actions, which involve taking a selfie doing an energy saving action at home.”

NUI Galway Students’ Union President Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh went on to say, “NUI Galway Students’ Union are delighted to be involved in the ‘Student Switch Off’ campaign. With the increase in awareness of sustainable living and responsibility with regards to our environment it’s critically important that students play their role in it.

“The Students’ Union along with the Community and University Sustainability Project (CUSP) Team and the NUI Galway Green Campus team have been working together over the past few months to ensure that life on campus provides students with the opportunity to live sustainably. The attitude towards sustainable living that the Students’ Union Commercial Services have now adopted compostable cutlery, plates etc in their outlets. Living plastic free this week has been a huge eye-opener and it’s great to see the movement progressing and moving in the right direction, and ‘Student Switch Off’ will help NUI Galway along the way.”

The ‘Student Switch Off’ campaign will incorporate national-level partnerships with smart meter delivery agencies to show the benefits of smart meters and saving energy. The ‘Student Switch Off’ campaign will provide ongoing advice and support to students via energy-efficiency and bill management training, peer-to-peer advice sharing via video blogs and regular e-mail and social media communications. DCU, Maynooth University, NUI Galway and UCC are the four Irish universities taking part in the first year of the campaign.

USI is the national representative body for the 374,000 students in third level education on the Island of Ireland. USI works to improve and protect the lives of students every day on academic and social issues through campaigns, training and research.

### END ###



  • NUI Galway Students’ Union are members of USI – the national representative body for the 374,000 students in third level education on the Island of Ireland. USI works to improve and protect the lives of students every day on academic and social issues through campaigns, training and research.


  • The “Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings 2” (SAVES2) programme is funded under the EU’s Horizon2020 programme, and unites students across the EU in energy saving initiatives in their campus accommodation. The programme has been successful in attracting up to €5m of EU funding for activities across Europe to fund a campaign in Ireland called ‘Student Switch Off’.


  • The targets of the Student Switch Off campaign is to reach over 219,358 students (both in private and dormitories) over the duration. 30.95 GWh primary energy savings triggered over project duration (broken down across the 3 academic years).


  • The programme will be co-ordinated across Europe by the National Union of Students – USI’s partner organisation in the UK.


  • Universities and student organisations from across Europe will take part and have received funding through the plan for the energy saving initiative.


For more information, please contact:


Michael Kerrigan – USI President

Mob: (087) 691 1515

Ph: (01) 905 2095



Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh  – NUI Galway Students’ Union President

Mob: 086 385 5502

Ph: 091 492 746